Connection issues on iOS

Before troubleshooting, please make sure:

  • You are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data network

  • Your iOS version is iOS 11 or later

  • Your device is not jailbroken

  • A 3rd party app is not interfering with Internet Settings such as antivirus, firewall, etc.

On your iOS device:

Clear your iOS device cookies and cache files, by tapping 'Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data,' then reboot your device.

  1. Open Betternet and tap "Connect"

  2. Open your device's Settings and turn Airplane Mode ON and then OFF. Then go back to Betternet and change its status to Disconnected.

  3. In the Betternet app, tap Connect. Then tap Choose Location, and tap Optimal Location and the United States, then tap Optimal Location. After that, go to your iOS device's Settings, scroll down until you see the Betternet application, tap on it and tap on Background app refresh. Wait until it is "OFF" and then turn it back "ON."

  4. Just as a test, try connecting to another network temporarily (for example, if you were connected to Wi-Fi, try connecting to your data mobile network or vice versa), then open Betternet and tap Connect

If the issue persists, please uninstall the current version and download it again from our website by clicking here.